Investment Banking Projects ​

  • Charged-Off Debt:  CG Capital Markets is seeking to raise $10mm of equity financing, along with $30mm of debt, to finance portfolios of charged-off consumer debt. The company specializes in the acquisition and liquidation of portfolios of charged-off consumer receivables, and underwrites and lends to a selective group of “Master Servicers” who excel in a particular niche of the consumer or credit card receivables market.
  • Land Transformation: CG Capital Markets is seeking to raise up to $100mm of private equity for participation in a Uruguayan land transformation project. The company is a Uruguayan agricultural development company that creates value from farmland transformation via irrigation. Their strategy includes the acquisition of Uruguayan farmland that is undervalued relative to that of its irrigation potential (water arbitrage), the maximization of returns through efficient operations, and the creation of inflation-hedged exposure to the imminent increase in farmland and global food demand. The stability of water irrigation provides predictable and enhanced crop yields. Irrigation also doubles cash-on-cash yields (7-10%) resulting in a significant increase in land value (“land transformation alpha”).
  • Middle-Market Loans: CG Capital Markets is seeking to a strategic investor for a portfolio of high-quality middle market loans, diversified by both industry and vintage. The company has been investing in US mid-market loans since 2013, and has gross levered return of 16.4% on $380mm of total assets. The company is seeking strategic LPs to provide additional capital that will allow for continued growth of the platform.
  • Flu Therapeutic: CG Capital Markets is seeking to raise $15mm of equity to complete the preclinical studies of a promising influenza (flu) therapeutic. Every year, 16-64 million people in the United States are diagnosed with the influenza virus. Current therapies for the flu are either prophylactic (the vaccine) or designed to alleviate the symptoms. The company has developed a therapeutic that targets and destroys the virus in humans, chickens, swine, and other farm animals.
  • Temporary Staffing Enterprise Solution: CG Capital Markets is seeking to raise $1.5mm for the launch of a peer-to-peer mobile-based application that automates many of the functions of a temporary staffing agency. Traditionally, temporary staffing agencies hire servers and other staff on a full-time basis and assign them to fill one-off events for clients, charging a fixed fee per worker. Beam has developed a technology to automate the process of aligning workers with jobs, manage the payroll electronically, and conduct the time-consuming due diligence procedures.